The history of Villa Nonna Cicci

The history of Villa Nonna Cicci

Nonna Cicci was my mother, Cinzia.

The youngest members of our large family, whom she raised, started calling her Nonna Cicci.
Hence, the name I dedicated to the structure built in Cisterna d’Asti at Via Lame 18.

I wanted to dedicate something to her, and this Villa, reflects her in every way, there is love, serenity, elegance, in short everything that belongs to a special person like she was who, unfortunately, left us at only 50 years of age.

When you lose someone so dear, like your mother, there is nothing that scares you. I felt I had to do something to honour her for what she was in her short, complicated life.

I gave it my all, and everything was done by me thinking if she would have liked it… I am sure that if I had asked her for her opinion she would have told me ‘you know I don’t understand anything about your work, do as you like and I will like it too’.

I hope that the people who come to visit us will feel this feeling of love, of warmth as a family from the very first moment, as my mother wanted her own, as long as she could.

And with this gesture, I hope that from today my suffering for her absence will be lighter.

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