Festivals and celebrations in the Roero and Langhe: summer in the hills

eventi nel Roero

Festivals and celebrations in the Roero and Langhe: summer in the hills

Summer has arrived and the Langhe and Roero have not remained with their hands in their pockets.

During the summer, these territories come alive with events and festivals that are able to welcome hundreds and hundreds of visitors.

The colours and sounds of the Roero and Langhe are the ideal cradle for the organisation of village festivals but also festivals with some of the most acclaimed Italian and international celebrities.

Let’s find out which festivals and celebrations have been organised in the Roero and Langhe in 2022.

Collisioni Festival in Alba

Collisioni Festival is a music and literary festival that in previous years was held in Barolo, but from this year will be held in Alba (Cuneo).

The guests taking part this year are guests of great prestige in the Italian music scene; for this reason, many of the tickets sold out in just a few days.

Among the guests we name:

9 July – Blanco

10 July – The List Representative

10 July – Nuclear Tactical Penguins

16 July – Madame, Tananai, Sangiovanni, Frah Quintale, Coez

17 July – Valerio Lundini and the Vazzanikki

For more information on the event, please visit the official event website: https://www.collisioni.it/

cena tra i filari roero

Dinner in the vineyards under the sky of the Roero in Canale


On Saturday 9 July 2022, the first dinner of the fifth edition of Sotto il cielo del Roero (Under the sky of the Roero) is scheduled, a unique and original event that includes a dinner in the vineyards of the Roero.

The dinner will take place among the rows of vines in Canale, immersed in the magical and convivial atmosphere of nature.

It will be an opportunity to taste typical local products, experience the flavours and smells of the Roero and discover the history, landscapes and wines of the tradition.

Have you ever dined among the rows of vines? Here is the link for further information: https://langhe.net/evento/cena-in-vigna-sotto-cielo-roero-9-7/

Earth Market in Bra


Earth Market in Bra is an international network of markets that work in accordance with the principles of Slow Food.

The protagonists are small producers and food artisans. They sell what they produce and process and can guarantee and tell first-hand about the quality of their products.

The event is scheduled for Sunday 17 July 2022. For more information please visit the event website: https://www.fondazioneslowfood.com/it/mercati-della-terra-slow-food/mercato-della-terra-di-bra/

vinicio capossela roero

Vinicio Capossela at MonfortinJazz 2022


On the occasion of MonfortinJazz 2022, one of the most historic festivals on the Italian scene dedicated to quality music, this year Monforte d’alba will host Vinicio Capossela, in the splendid Horszowski Auditorium.

Vinicio Capossela will not be the only artist to tread the auditorium. Here is the complete list:

Matteo Mancuso – 10 July

Vinicio Capossela – 22 July

Les Négresses Vertes – 24 July

Benjamin Clementine – 28 July

Mario Biondi – 5 August

Visit to the underground deposits of the Eusebio Museum in Alba


On the first Sunday of every month, it is possible to take part in a guided tour of the underground storerooms, descending into the rooms usually dedicated to museum conservation.

In fact, it will be possible to take part in a guided tour of the underground storerooms, going down into the rooms usually dedicated to the museum’s conservation, protection, cataloguing and research activities, to discover the treasures that are not on display and to learn about the work of the conservators.

A unique opportunity to discover the underground passages of the city of Alba, a gem of rare beauty set in the Langhe.

For further information: https://www.comune.alba.cn.it/comunicati-stampa/_cultura/5285-aperte-le-visite-ai-depositi-sotterranei-dei-museo-eusebio-di-alba

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